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Endike Community Care
(George Ashton Building)

Ashton Close

Ellerburn Avenue

Hull HU6 9RJ


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Tel: 01482 809473
E-mail: eileen_eileen@hotmail.co.uk


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 58 Hartoft Road, off Bricknell Avenue, Hull

         10am ~ 2pm 01482 341979

Endike Community Care's Archives


We've transformed our centre garden from a dull dowdy area into a wonderful vibrant place to be. It's now a sunshine haven during the summer months and the members love to soak uo the sun and have a chat with their friends. It's easily accessable so those with walking aids or wheelchairs are not restricted. Some sensory plants are soon to be added and we need to say a big thank you to all members who helped to put the baskets together and also those who painted the garden gnomes to add to this colourful area.


Well done to all involved and a big thank you for your support!


 Members at Endike Community Care are devastated about the pending changes relating to council plans to charge day centre members for trips to and from the centre. They have used the centre for many years and it's a lifeline to stepping out of their own four walls for a few hours per week. Many have said that the charge of £3 for a return trip will be very expensive for those who come every day of the week which will double in price for married couple.

The Council will gain back £78,000 annually and could potentially ruin the livelyhoods of the good citizens of Hull. By implementing charges for transport to and from the centre this could have a devastating effect on members. A poll on opinions through the centre clearly states some people may not be able to attend anymore. They also state that the centre is the only place for them to go.



Council cuts impact on us once again with Funding for 2013 and charging Service Users for Transport

Are the services we deliver going to deplete? We simply don't know! Are people going to stop attending the centre and stay at home feeling isolated and alone? Those suffering with Dementia will have no respite care. And the carers of Dementia sufferers will have no respite periods to gain a small part of their life back in recognition of the work and support they give to there loved ones.

Day Care Centre Staff caring for their elderly members in the community ~ The cold snap January 2013


Staff have pulled out all stops to ensure their centre members are cared for while the cold weather continues to take hold. Centre member have not been able to attend the centre due to the freezing temperatures and the risk of slipping on ice is far to high to consider. For this reason members have remained at home for their own safety.They are contacted on a daily basis and whilst delivering hot meals and food parcels we are able to check on their general health and well being.



For those members who attend the centre over the weekend we have also delivered hot meals and food parcels in the same way as we have done the weekdays. Transport will only resume when the weather conditions have improved so members can be transported safely and securely to and from the centre.


Centre Manager Eileen Wright and her staff have ensured members are cared for. Since the cold snap started Eileen and her team have worked tirelessly to deliver hot meals to members in the community and the essential provisions they need. We've put food parcels together consisting of bread, milk, tea bags, soup, biscuits, porridge and breadcakes.

The Local Sainsbury's on Greenwood Avenue, along with other local shops on Endike Lane have all contributed with food donations.

 Staff at Heron Foods have even made donations out of their own pockets and Aladdins Cave nearby have also made donations too.

Many thanks to all concerned as your donations are greatly appreciated and anyone wanting to make donations please contact 01482 809473. We will make sure donations are passed on and whatever food is left will be donated to the homeless.


Members ramain safe and warm in their own homes knowing that they are not alone. We are only a phone call away should they need us. As the snow beings to clear and the conditions improve members will then be able to attend the centre a usual.


The parcel of provisions will be useful. There's nothing better than a cup of tea to warm us up and some biscuits for a snack. Toast your breadcakes or have some soup to tide you over.

Gradually getting back to normal after the cold spell...

As the snow and ice begins to melt we are gradually getting back to normal. Slowly but surely our members are able to get back to the centre as conditions improved. Yes, it's still very cold and even windy but its a far cry from last week. Its Monday and most of our members are very pleased to be back. They have all expressed how much they have missed the centre and their friends too.