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Contact us at:

Endike Community Care
(George Ashton Building)

Ashton Close

Ellerburn Avenue

Hull HU6 9RJ


Registered Charity no


Tel: 01482 809473
E-mail: eileen_eileen@hotmail.co.uk


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Magical Memory Tours Trips

Silver Surfers Club ~ Computers

Meals on Wheels

Food Bank


              All quality donations welcome to our charity shop


 58 Hartoft Road, off Bricknell Avenue, Hull

         10am ~ 2pm 01482 341979

Who We Are


We are a Day Centre Care Service for the elderly which has been operating for 20 years. During this time we have developed and enhanced our programs and services. Our staff have been trained to NVQ Level 3 standard and are currently studying Level 4 of our training program. This will further develop and enhance their skills in a caring profession and may also offer future prospects for promotion. We are a strong team who work together to promote and deliver a high standard of care.

Our care team are there to assist and help you in the centre. You may require assistance during the Bingo sessions or with a game of cards. Our activities are there for you to enjoy and our dedicated team are there to provide support and encouragement to all its members.

 Over 75% of our beneficiaries have some form of memory impairment.  Our activities play a very crucial part in helping to slow down the process. Our projects and activities stimulate brain function and memory loss so our programs are a means of keeping the mind and body active.




We provide Respite Day Care to support families and their carers looking after their loved ones. All carers deserve a respite period which enables them to free up some quality time for themselves. They work hard and become tired, and so very much deserve a break, even just for a few hours. By using this service carers are relieved of their duties and take comfort from the knowledge that their family member is in a secure and safe environment while they take time out.




Our on site Benefits Advice Officer and advice for the elderly on any issues or worries they may have relating to their benefits. If you think you have a problem or are in doubt about what you can claim. Our adviser will check on your behalf to make sure you recieve what you are entitled to. She's always thereis available to provide support  to help and this service is totally free. Her experience an knowledge will put your mind at ease, so dont be afraid to ask. Our adviser is there to help and assist you relating to all issues of your benefits. We also have a local partnership arrangement with the DWP for works and pensions.




Our Management Committee is there to assist us with input for the centre on a day to day basis and we are always looking for new nominees to come on board with fresh new ideas. Our commitee meetings take place on site and on a regular basis. New and fresh ideas are always welcome, and of course this is an opportunity to address any problems or issues relating to the running of the centre. We hold annual general meetings with the comittee and our centre members to update of any relevant changes that may or might be made. This is also an opportunity for our members to voice any concerns or issues they may have. Equally, members may put forward any new or fresh ideas of which could be very useful relating to the centre. We are geared towards our members so their say is very important to us. Any changes or issues need to be addressed accordingly. New ideas may enhance the services we already provide as we strive to develop our services further.




Volunteers play an important role in the centre and their help and hard work make a huge contribution with their input and of course new volunteers are always welcome. If you have any spare time on your hands or would like to make a contribution as a volunteer just call us on 809473. Your help and support will be very much appreciated no matter how much time you choose to put in.




Endike Community Care is a charity and non profit making organisation. We are a preferred provider status for Social Service and work with the NHS Mental Health Team and other professionals in the HU6 area.




Endike Community Care Association and East Riding Local Pension Service outlining our commitment to working together to help older people in our area.