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Contact us at:

Endike Community Care
(George Ashton Building)

Ashton Close

Ellerburn Avenue

Hull HU6 9RJ


Registered Charity no


Tel: 01482 809473
E-mail: eileen_eileen@hotmail.co.uk


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Just a small amount will make a difference!


For more information call the above number.



Magical Memory Tours Trips

Silver Surfers Club ~ Computers

Meals on Wheels

Food Bank


              All quality donations welcome to our charity shop


 58 Hartoft Road, off Bricknell Avenue, Hull

         10am ~ 2pm 01482 341979

Another wonderful donation...


What a wonderful donation recieved with thanks from a couple who support Endike Community Care and all we do. A fantastic contribution towards our bus appeal. Many thanks!


Back Waxing for Bus Appeal

Silver Surfer Peter decided he wanted to help with the bus appeal and suggested a back waxing challenge. He certainly had no qualms about having his own back waxed at the local salon 'Hairsense' on Endike Lane, Hull. Peter took it all in good spirits saying 'Its not as painful as I maybe thought it would be, we had a good laugh too". He did really well and his list of  sponsors was lengthy too. Manager Eileen and her team cheered him throughout the waxing, he was brilliant. 

All in a days work Peter you've been incredibly brave and your support for Endike Community Care is wonderful. You went off on your travels and soon returned with your sponsor list presenting us with over £100 from those who supported you in raising money for our bus appeal. Very well done and a huge thank you to all involved.

Fundraising: Charity Bus Appeal

Endike Community Careare currently looking for funding for their very own Centre Bus. Transport is a must to enable our organisation to function and without it our service userswould be very restricted. As a team player Garry has now set himself on a mission to raise money for the centre and is determined to make a big effort to kick start this process.He's going to embark on raffles, quizes, selling home made buns, sausage rolls and so on. So can Garry grow a beard for a two month period? Place your bets if he will stick to it! Who knows? It doesn’t matter what you stake as every penny countsand contribute towards our appeal.

 A bus is very expensive to run annually when thinking of insurance, maintainence, tax and equally fuel which are all added costs. Raising funds won't be an easy task so we will pull out all stops to try and make this happen with other fund raising events over the coming year. So come on Garry show us what your made of.... All you have to do to participate is call Endike Community Care on 01482 809473 for more information on how to stake your bet. We'll also highlight you on our website!

Remember this is for a very good cause so just call us to place your bets!

Volunteer Ian joins Garry to fundraise for Bus Appeal

Welcome on board Ian and thank you for your support. Its always nice when a team effort is made to raise some funding for our charity organisation Endike Community Care. Garry nominated you to participate and your efforts are really appreciated. Well your now in competition with Garry to grow a beard for just two months. Will you stick it out? Just call the above number to place your bets!

From this day Monday 24th February 2014 the growing begins so come on everyone place your bets now to help Garry and Ian. However big or small your donation it will all contribute to our appeal.

Would you like to join Garry and Ian in this challenge? Just call 01482 809473 for a registration form.

Your efforts will equally be appreciated so come on do it!                           

It's only until Monday 21st March 2014...a walk in the park!


And now...this is it!


What a difference a shaves makes! Grown quickly in such a short space of time. All for a good cause Garry well done so far.



What a difference another shaves makes! Are you both level pegging or what? Equally Ian, its all for a good cause and well done to you too.


Well, the shaving day is here and Garry finally has mobile hairdresser Lindsay to remove his stubble. Ian also did the same but was happy to do his own.


Well done Garry & Ian ~ £1,500

Congratulations you've raised a whopping £1,500 between you. Brilliant work!

Sponsors for our bus?


We're also looking for sponsors to help us with the up keep and running costs of our bus. Do you have a business or organisation that can help us maintain and sustain our bus annually?


As a Charity organisation we need your help and we'll highlight you on our website throughout the year for free.

Your donation doesnt have to be a lot but will make a difference and its all for a good cause.  Emaileileen_eileen@hotmail.co.uk or Tel: 01482 809473 for more information.